MXT: memeXtended

What's New
  • Initial MXT code soon to be released


The main goal of the MXT (memeXtended) project is to develop an easy-to-use yet sophisticated recommender system on the Mozilla Platform. MXT will tend the flow of memes through the user's social network, allowing thus much more customizable searchs and providing better awareness.

The 4 S: Search, Share, Send, SPIM

There are four main operations within the MXT recommender system:

  1. SEARCH: for searching through your peers' web history for a page by typing some terms in the textbox.
  2. SHARE: for sharing the page you are currently viewing with your peers.
  3. SEND: for sending the page you are currently viewing to your peers.
  4. SPIM: for reporting to one of your peers (or to her/his MXT agent) that you didn't like the page she/he has recommended you.

The MXT Agents

MXT agents will be used to tend the flow of information. Initially you will have to tell your MXT agent from/to whom it should search/share/send an information. For example: You will have to explicitly select Share/My University/My Lab to share a page about artificial intelligence. Eventually, your MXT agent will know that your Lab works with artificial intelligence and you can simply press the Share button to share that. The other way around works pretty much the same way. By typing in artificial intelligence on the textbox and pressing the Search button, the MXT agent will not broadcast this query to everyone on your contact list, but only to those who are most likely to send back relevant information. Thus, in this case, it will multicast the query to the Lab. Information Retrieval techniques will be applied to obtain this result.

The Share-to-Share Algorithm

The share-to-share algorithm will determine what pages should or not be shared. The key idea behind the share-to-share algorithm is that "the more you share explicitly, the more your MXT agent shares autonomously". The share-to-share algorithm will take into consideration link structures. The pages linked to a page that was shared/sent will have a high ShareRank.

The ShareRank

Important metadata will be aggregated to the pages viewed by a user. One of these metadata is the ShareRank. The ShareRank is a vector determining the level of interest of a given page for each peer in a user's contact list. This level of interest will be a result of the share-to-share algorithm. If a page has a very high ShareRank for a given person, then this page can be shared (or it should be recommended) to this person.


The MXT project is very important because it aims in helping people to more easily share and retrieve information on the Web. By exploring the social network of a user, much more customizable searchs and better awareness can be provided.

The mxt project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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